How to add PPP-route to Windows routing table?

Open Windows shell as Administrator and print current routing table

route print

Use shorten form of the route command

route add destination_address ppp_ip


route add 192.1168.3.22

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How to fill build number with Visual Studio

Step 1

Create resulting files, include them into project. Example below shows cshtml files but they can be text files of any type. Create files with names build and version. Initialize them with desired starting build value and version string.

Step 2

Create bat-file _update_version.bat and add it to the pre-build event in project properties of Visual Studio.

cd $(ProjectDir)

An example of bat-file.

@set _date=%date%
@set _time=%time:~0,8%
@set _year=%_date:~10,4%

@rem reads build number from file
@set /p _build=< build  
@rem increments build number 
@set /a _build=%_build%+1  
@rem saves build number into file 
@echo %_build%>build

@rem fills resulting files
@echo %_build%>Views/Shared/Build.cshtml
@echo %_year%>Views/Shared/Year.cshtml
@echo %date% %_time%>Views/Shared/Date.cshtml

@rem cleans variables
@set _build=
@set _date=
@set _time=
@set _year=

Step 3

Rebuild project.

How to fill revision number with TortoiseSVN and Visual Studio