LinkedIn search is available from Windows Phone 8

Now you can search LinkedIn posts from your favorite mobile device. For this purpose I have written the more convenient mobile version which is available at GitHub.

Below is screenshot from Windows Phone 8 phone.

LinkedIn posts
LinkedIn posts

I have tested this on my Nokia Lumia.

For the first time you need to associate the application with your LinkedIn login. To do that simply use this site for search for the first time. Then after authorization you can use it from your phone for 60 days. After that the app authorization will expire. You can renew it again.

If you encounter difficulties with LinkedIn authentication simply log into LinkedIn and set up the check box allowing IE remembering username and password. After then reload application main page.


I just have began this blog because I have faced with necessity to improve the effectiveness of working with such a great information source as LinkedIn. I hope you will find here something useful for you also.

Until now I have implemented very basic functionality of searching posts by given list of keywords in all the groups to which I belong.

You can also make use of this functionality directly from this blog. Simply make your own keyword list and then go to posts. This certainly will require you to be authorized by LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn puts very strong limitations at the number of API call for given time interval (so called “throttle limits”). Therefore this application will fail inevitably from time to time. Nevertheless, I hope you will take advantages from using it.

I’m going to develope functionality of the application further. As next step I plan to implement selection of groups to search for posts. I will be very grateful if you share your ideas about desired functionality.