Estimate your expenses by the value of importance

A new report is available. Now you can estimate your expenses by 5 levels of importance: “liability”, “asset”, “necessary”, “pleasure”, “unnecessary”. “Liability” means expenses which you must pay (for example, mortgage or loan). The most important is “asset”, which defines your financial future. The others are obvious. To prepare this report simply select the corresponding rate for every expense at the time you are adding it. To review select “Reports” in the main menu, then “Importance”. You’ll see totals for the selected month for every level.

Expense report by importance
Expense report by importance

Client-side expense encrypting

I’d like to introduce client-side data encrypting. This feature means that your data are encrypted in your browser before sending to the cloud. This guaranteed that your data exist as plain text only until you close the application page in your browser. The password never transmitted to the server. Only on such condition cloud turns into secure storage for your sensitive data.

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How to encrypt expenses