Client-side data encryption

Client-side data encrypting means that your data are encrypted in your browser before sending to the cloud. This guaranteed that your data exist as plain text only until you close the application page in your browser. The password never transmitted to the server and we never ask it. This means that you need to enter your password every time when you want review your records. Also it means that you are responsible for protecting the password from being stolen. If you forgot or lost your password we will not be able to restore your data. Your data are belong only to you.

For encryption we use the opensource library SJCL developed at Stanford University.


The application encrypts only textual parts of your records – the names of expenses and categories. It doesn’t encrypt values. If it would be so the application wouldn’t be able to do any numeric calculations: statistics, totals, estimations and so on.

Watch how encryption works

How to protect expenses by encryption

Login and start expense tracking


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